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About BE Toy Site

Hi, I'm videotoygamer. Creator of this fanmade Baby Einstein Website. This is about the toys that appear in the Disney/FHE videos Baby Einstein. However, I won't just be telling you about the product. I will also tell you how to get it!


It's pretty simple for some. But I will try hard to help you and your BE Enthusiast to get the toy of their dreams, like for example. Lets say I wanted the Playful Circus Seals from Baby Mozart, well, it's not in production anymore sadly. But however. There is another way to get it! Maybe try garage sales, eBay, Etsy anything or any site! One of the BE enthusiasts done this for a long time. And currently has over 1000 Baby Einstein toys! Wow... That is alot of toys! (shoutout to D G) Well, that's all. I hope you enjoy this website!